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About Sandy Cutrone

Bridging Experience and Innovation in Loan Origination

Over 35 transformative years, Sandy Cutrone has stood at the forefront of loan origination. Her vast expertise isn’t just rooted in past accomplishments; she’s continually adapting, ensuring Krimat’s training is both timeless and timely. With a passion for nurturing talents and a hands-on approach, Sandy’s mission is to guide LOs to their zenith of professional excellence. Experience the Krimat difference and let Sandy’s legacy inspire and elevate your own.

My Vision

“Dream beyond the numbers; let passion guide your calculations. In every loan, there’s a story. Be the hero that crafts successful endings.”

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Unlock the secrets of loan origination from an industry titan. Sandy’s book distills 35 years of expertise into an accessible guide, offering insights often reserved for top professionals. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned LO, this book is your roadmap to success.

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Matthew Jalinsky

Strategist at the Nexus of Design, Tech, & Business

A dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for business, design, marketing, software, and sales. From pioneering electronic cigarettes when they were unknown, to mastering design and online marketing offering specialized brand design, website development, online marketing, software solutions, and coaching.

Matthew prides himself on deep industry-specific expertise, 
understanding industry nuances, designing winning strategies, and staying ahead with unique software solutions. 

My Vision

To reshape industries rife with broken promises, forging a future of trust, transparency, and unparalleled success. That my clients choose me for my ability to stay ahead of the curve.