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Embarking on the Krimat membership journey is a game-changer for mortgage professionals. With over 35 years of industry wisdom, Sandy Cutrone has curated a program that demystifies loan origination’s intricate landscape. Dive into daily live training, get direct answers during Q&A sessions, and receive tailored one-on-one guidance. 

Whether you’re refining existing skills or starting fresh, Krimat is your partner in mastering every nuance. Don’t just be a professional; become an industry leader. Join Krimat and transform your career trajectory

Income Calculation Mastery

Dive deep into the art of income calculations. Sandy unveils the methodologies behind assessing variable income, Schedule C for self-employed, rental income, and more. Perfect your understanding of VA residual income and the intricacies of assets as income.

Expert With Client Assets

Navigate the world of financial verification with confidence. Sandy covers reading bank statements, understanding the complications of cash, and mastering required funds. Delve into documentation essentials, including gifts and bank statement loans.

The Mortgage Loan Process

Grasp traditional mortgage guidelines like a pro. Sandy details the FHA, VA, FANNIE, and FREDDIE guidelines while elucidating the differences between Pre-Approval and TBD approval. Master document collection, reviewing contracts, and handling TRID requirements

Structure a Loan Like a Pro

Explore the intricacies of compliance from HMDA to RESPA. With case studies and hands-on exercises, Sandy guides you on recognizing suspicious documents, ensuring compliance, and selecting optimal loan options. Transform marginal buyer profiles with strategies tailored for success.

Master Appraisals

Demystify property appraisal nuances. Sandy deciphers 1-4 family appraisals, condos, townhomes, and more. Understand vital differences like manufactured vs. modular homes and learn the techniques of submitting appraisal rebuttals.

Understanding Mortgage Credit

Credit forms the backbone of any loan. Sandy expounds on credit scores, their impact on mortgage rates, and the subtleties of credit pulls. Enhance your knowledge of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and advanced credit repair techniques.

FHA Loan Expert

A deep dive into FHA guidelines and products. Sandy sheds light on Streamline, 203K Renovation loans, and provides a nuanced understanding of FHA intricacies, with a hint of USDA knowledge.

VA Loan Expert

Master VA guidelines with Sandy’s comprehensive walkthrough. Understand entitlements, residual income, and the intricacies of seller credits. Decode the Certificate of Eligibility and the significance of the DD-214.

Fannie & Freddie Expert

Discover the distinctions between these two major entities. Sandy elaborates on the guidelines of each and provides insights on selecting the best GSE for different borrower profiles.

Understand the World of Non-QM

Step into the diverse world of non-QM products. Sandy covers everything from bank statement loans to jumbo loans, construction, and renovation loans, equipping you with a versatile understanding of the sector.

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